Climate Change Now Becoming All About Politics?

Climate change. It’s all over the place, from ads to political figures. Climate change seems to be all about politics now. A recent Pew Research Centre survey showed that just over a quarter of Americans know that climate scientists broadside the public saying that the climate is changing and it is humanity’s fault.

Even more interesting than that but there also seems to be a large political divide. 55% of liberal Democrats agree that the climate scientists are trustworthy, while only 15% of concervative Republicans agree.

What do you think about climate change? Do you agree with the climate scientists?

For more information on the subject check out the research results from the Pew Research Centers website here:

4 thoughts on “Climate Change Now Becoming All About Politics?

  1. I feel like climate control is used as a tool for more control over economy by particular interest groups. Politicians serve as a catalyst for creating an increased want for actions aiding the environment, but because many people do not know a lot about the causes of global warming they will agree with whatever a politician proposes to combat it. They usually propose that restrictions to be put on buisnesses, this allows special interest group who are creating and enforcing restrictions, to have a large amount of power over buisnesses. Groups like the EPA then can then force an agenda and because it is backed up by the moral reasoning of keeping the Earth safe, and it is hard to fight against them. But then there is the question if global warming is even a man made event. In the 70s there was “global cooling”, so is global warming just a social trend, a natural happening or a serious issue?


    • That is very interesting. You make great points.At this point in time I am rather skeptical with whole thing. Global warming does ‘seem’ like its happening. Whether or not its artificial, I believe it is. With the advent of the automobile and industrialization of many countries, CO2 output into the atmosphere has obviously increased. Over the course of a couple decades, perhaps I could see it becoming an issue. I remember reading from one of Stephen Hawking’s research papers or one of his books, he estimated that the Earth has 100 years left before it will be difficult to sustain life. I believe he also takes into account over population which is another topic for discussion in it’s self.


      • I am also skeptical about global warming. There is a very enlightening video by Steven Molyneux, called “The 97% Consensus?”, which debunks the often referenced appeal that ‘97% of scientist believe in global warming’ and shows that the actual sampling of both scientist opinion and temperature change data was biased and perhaps not necessarily true. Molyneux also, at some point, recognizes that even if global warming was a legitimate happening, the true effects of it would not be necessarily noticed for decades and the human attempt effectively combat it would be incredibly longer. Frankly, I feel as if people want to do the planet good, they need to focus on conservation, an actual solid issue, instead of focusing on programs to try and get the Earth’s atmosphere average temp lower.

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