No Man’s Sky A Controversy?

Some people like to hype up games, some people like to see how they come out before getting excited about them. No Man’s Sky was a giant disappointment to many people, me included. Why didn’t we get the game we wanted at launch?

People have complained about the flying mechanics, the lack of promised features, the caps of 30 frames per second on console, and the buggy mess it was at launch. With a new update supposedly on it’s way with intel from a sony CEO that claims it will be more of the game we wanted, should this game have come out when it did, or did it come out too early?

3 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky A Controversy?

    • I personally think that Hello Games were incapable of marketing and bit off a bit more than they could chew. If they had waited until closer to launch to show off what the game was, I do not think as many people would be disappointed. And with a new update in the works, I believe that they care about creating a game that people do enjoy.


  1. I honestly believe it was a situation where the hyped up the game, gave what they promised, but what they gave us was only technical things. Like technically we have an infinite universe, and technically there are endless possibilities to planets and what on them. Now that people are complaining they are actually going give us new things. Hopefully they get rid of that shite flying system in ships. I want to be able to crash my ship


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