The Beginning of the Universe and God

I understand that some viewers have very firm religious beliefs therefore chiefly I would like to say that this article in no way supposed to offend or denounce any religion. It is my primary goal to leave personal endevours out of the articles featured on this website, and my authors agree to keep their personal opinions out of the articles they write as much as possible.

Now that I have given the seemingly mandatory disclaimer I can now indulge into the topic of this article.

The universe is forever expanding and with it, human kinds knowledge of it. Recently a probe has reached interstellar space and is now traveling the vast expanse of the Milky Way Galaxy. Voyager 1 was launched 16 days after its twin Voyager 2. Voyager 1 is now some 20.6 billion kilometers away from Earth. Or 12,804,514,531 miles. The time it takes for light to travel from the spacecraft to Earth and back takes approximately 38 hours.

The immense scale of the univers is awe inspiring. For years I have dived into topics such as black holes and theoretical topics like worm holes, but never have I thought to put science and religion together.

If you ask the die hard christian you would get the usual dribble about how God was the one who created everything how it was and the Big Bang never happened or the evidence that was found regarding evolution is a figment of ones imagination. However I have come to think of a theory that may bring the two sides together.

It starts with my basic knowledge of the world I live in. There is a pretty strong foundation that scientists can stand on when talking about the Big Bang. The fact that the universe is constantly expanding suggests that it was at one point together in a central location. Naturally when thinking about such an event it boggles the mind. However what was the universe like before the immense event.

From my know how and what I’ve learned, things cannot be without being created in some way or another. The device that you are reading this on didn’t simply emerge from the ground, although a very interesting and comical thought, still couldn’t happen. Someone or many people came together to make it.

With that way of thinking it brings up the question how the universe began in such a state. A very hot and dense ball floating in the empty void. Applying that thought, a superior being could have created the universe in this way. The Big Bang occured and the all knowing being let his creation do what he planned or didn’t plan for it to do.

This being if it would be appropriate to call it God, saw into the future as it is omnipotent and guided the events that happened. Evolution was the product of the being’s universal scale project. Eventually down the line the human race came into existence.

This is the best explanation I can give to the beginning of the universe and the world that we know while keeping science and religion in mind as much as possible. A very interesting theory which I hope isn’t taken to much to heart.

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