Why Are We Here?

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in the history of human kind. Why are we here? Is it to spread memes to the point where they become cliche? Or is it to live every day to the fullest no matter what? Maybe we are here to seek knowledge about the world around us.

We as the human race have made brilliant strides in technology and science that people decade ago couldn’t even imagine. However with the newly found instruments and knowledge we still do not know the answer to this age old question.

Are we the product of scientific laws? Did the events that took place in the universe lead to our existence? Or were were created with intention? While the boldness of these questions seems daunting there really isn’t a definite answer. Science strives to enlighten us about the mysterious behaviors of the universe. With each break through comes new found problems and questions.

From a religious stand point God created the heaven and the Earth. From a scientific stand point the universe began as a singularity which eventually inflated bringing with it the entire universe as we know it today. The big bang theory is one of the leading theories regarding the early universe.

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, and the galaxies that are traveling away from us provides some evidence that the universe was once much much smaller. There have been many philosophers and physicist that have placed God before within this theory. I myself place god in the mysterious place before the big bang. He created the universe which was infinitely dense. God left his new creation to itself, allowing it to develop with the laws that he created.

With all of these ideas aside, why do you think we are here? Were we the result of chance? Or are we the result of a divine experiment?

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