Knowledge To Me

A lot of people have told me how impressed they are with my knowledge of physics and other sciences. The compliments are endearing and of course make me feel happy. The people I converse with are sometimes interested in the topics in which I like to speak such as quantum physics or astrophysics et cetera. Yet to me my knowledge isn’t at the level I desire.

I have been described as having an eclectic personality. Reasonably I don’t make any objections as I do indeed have eclectic tendencies. I find everything about the world we live in interesting. Everyday I strive to learn something new no matter how small. I am praised for my knowledge about science yet I feel as though I shouldn’t be receiving the praise that I do.

Over the course of about 3 or 4 years my interest in science and the universe greatly expanded. What started out as a moderate interest in physics grew into a craving for more. While I hadn’t really picked up a physics textbook or similar learning mediums I used the internet to sate my thirst for knowledge. Whatever phenomenon that I observed I would research what made it ‘tick’. The proton-proton chain reaction which occurs in the sun was a amazing discovery with the help of some informative articles. Thus sprouting an interest in nuclear physics. However when I first looked into the proton-proton chain reactions I noticed bi products that didn’t make sense to me. I knew that there are bi products to such reactions but I never knew how they were created.

It wasn’t until I e-mailed a family member who is a nuclear physicist that such confusions were cleared. An extensive e-mail was sent including other questions I had. Like the probability of other elements existing out in the universe among other questions. After a enlightening response I had learned a proton can decay into a neutron, a positron and a neutrino. After a couple more exchanges he told me that I asked interesting questions which felt very good. Coming from someone who does this kind of stuff as a career made it more valuable in a way.

I continued on my journey to expand my knowledge of the world. While on the road to New Mexico for work I read Stephen Hawking’s ‘The Grand Design’ and ‘A Brief History of Time’. Both of which brought more questions which I would spend an extensive amount of time thinking about in the truck as it sped along the highway.

After returning I happened into Barnes and Noble where I picked up two more Stephen Hawking books. The fantastic work ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ is brilliant so far. Fantastic illustrations bringing a new dimension for me perceive the ideas and concepts. Another book of relative greater magnitude ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’ discusses five early scientists and their work which brought about the modern understanding of physics and the universe.

At times when I am with friends I find myself unrelenting in my discussions about the universe. Mostly because my family doesn’t share similar interests so they aren’t keen on listening to my rambling about quantum tunneling or superposition. So once given the chance the dam breaks free and unleashes a torrent of scientific deluge upon whomever I am speaking with. I am getting better however. In time I may find the ability to limit myself to just one topic!

When I had set out writing this article I didn’t necessarily have an ultimate goal. I think a general consensus could be derived from the preceding text. Knowledge to me is important. Knowing how the things around me behaves is interesting and fun. Pursuing information about the things I encounter is almost a hobby. It keeps my mind entertained and active which to me is a good thing. Living in a world where you simply exist and think things behave the way they do because they just do isn’t really a life I want to live. I suppose everyone has their own little enjoyments in life. What are yours?

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