What Is Time?

Time is a concept which to most is commonly associated with a clock. A relatively simple device which allows us to get an idea of how long things take or when something should happen. We use our concept of time everyday. I use the word concept as a mention to the common understanding and usual encounter with time. With that we have some amazing windows into the past which we often don’t think about.

We often don’t think about time as a thing that can change or can be different. Most of us experience time like all of the others here on Earth. We can commonly agree on when things happen or what time things should happen. Yet time isn’t so absolute. Every person on the planet experiences time differently. This is a known fact of nature as described with Einstein’s special relativity.

Scientists know Einstein was accurate in his predictions because if we didn’t know what we do now, the Global Positioning System wouldn’t work very well. You see, around the Earth there are around 33 satellites. Each of these satellites are moving approximately 14,000 km/hour or 8,699 miles per hour. At such speeds these satellites experience time slower than us here on Earth. This phenomenon is called time dilation. The faster an object moves the slower time goes.

Without the satellites making corrections for this effect the inaccuracies of the positioning system could be on the order of miles. This phenomenon was tested in 1971. The Hafele-Keating experiment allowed physicists the world over to see the effects of time dilation which made Einsteins special relativity well accepted. The experiment involved four cesium-beam atomic clocks and commercial airliners. They flew these clock twice around the world, heading east and another heading west. After the experiment they compared the clocks to each other as well as clocks on the ground in the united states Naval Observatory. When they were compared they didn’t agree with one another. Their times were different! Their differences matched the predictions made by special relativity. With the idea of absolute time made obviously false it was an interesting time in physics where time of the universe wasn’t definite.

The Question

Time is a thing experienced differently from observer to observer. The faster one moves relative to another changes the time experienced by them. Time has been an interesting topic of discussion.

After all we are the ones who decided to make clocks and create values for the minute and hour. We have given values for how long it takes for the earth to rotate and how long it takes for it to go around the sun. Did humans create time?

A perplexing thought which makes many think. Leave what you think down below I am curious to see the incredible minds that I have the honor of calling an audience. Such things can be discussed at length. Could it be that when the first time keeping device was invented, human kind invented time?

In the ancient Egyptian civilization they created large structures to track the sun. The great ball of plasma created a shadow from the obelisk which they corresponded to a particular part of the day. When the first humans divided the day into parts or two 12 hour sections was that the inception of time?

Please do leave your thoughts below. You could make it as interesting as you like. Did humans create time? Or could we say we did?

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