Where Will WE Go?

What would it be like in a world where humans are no longer entirely human? Exactly what would this mean for human kind as a species and what could it do to us in the long term?

The idea of cybernetic implants has permeated science fiction for decades. It is a well observed and well discussed topic that has been around for countless alien encounters and human experiments.

I suppose a  more interesting question is, Is the human race destined to be part machine? Could the Google Glass come as a cybernetic package where the customer chooses an eye and has the device implanted and then has the capability to access information and applications to make life easier. Of course this prospect for some seems like the future and a certain inevitability. Yet for some the thought of putting man and machine together.

Currently there are people with what you can call cybernetic modifications that do not necessarily fit the stereotypical definition of cybernetic mods. Pacemakers are devices that stimulate the heart to beat in rhythm.

One of the greatest concerns and reasonably so is the fear of the more science fiction like devices getting hacked. The prospect of having your HUD which is implanted in your eye ball being taken over by a third party is slightly unnerving.

After all these devices can and are effected by EMP and other radio frequency interference. Meaning someone that has access to a microwave (almost everyone in the United States) can take it apart and make a microwave gun which not only can mess up devices around the house but the cybernetic implants, and unfortunately the pacemakers which many people rely on to live.

With the fears and pros aside where do you think the future of the human race lies. Do you share the same worries about the technology that others do? Share what you think below.


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