What Would You Do If You Were Immortal?

Eternity. Something that is hard to imagine. The question is simple. What would you do if you were to become immortal? However you are at this very moment, you would remain for the rest of time.

Time is something that we take for granted. It constantly passes at a seemingly relentless pace. We find ourselves fraught with the fear that we don’t have enough of it. Imagine having all of it. Imagine having all the time left on Earth, all of the time left in our solar system and ultimately all of the time in the universe.


Is it hard to accept being alive for eternity? What would you do? I have posed these questions to quite a few people and I get frequent answer that seem very common among a vast majority of those that I ask. Many would respond with “I would try and learn as many languages or as many instruments as possible.” Others answer with “I would just do anything I wanted since I cannot die.” I preface the question by saying that there is absolutely no way for you to die.

You might not be aware of your new ability at first. You would go about your life as normal. You may discover you cannot die in an odd event. Perhaps surviving a terrible accident unscathed. With everyone around you being amazed at your new ability you would immediately become famous. For good or for bad that remains to be seen.

Would you want to be studied so that you may spread this “fortune” with the world? Well that would be the question you would receive often as research scientists ask for samples of your DNA to study and unlock the method in which you have gained immortality. Only to see nothing different from the average man or woman. With the realization that there is no way for you to spread your gift to others there will be resentment from others. Distaste. But there will also be worship. People would take it as a sign of the divine and shower you with gifts and praises.

While everyone around you ages and you remain the same over decades, you wonder if this truly is a gift. To not die and spend the rest of eternity alive. You see your friends and family pass on as you remain alone. And whatever family you do have, whatever children you do have will inevitably pass while you remain. You give up having children as the pain is too much.

You are still well known in the world as the person who cannot die. With the persistence of the anti vaccination people in the world a pandemic breaks out. You observe the slow deaths of those around you. No matter where you wander death surrounds you. If the human race isn’t wiped out in that time then it is just a matter of time.

You observe the expansion of the sun. The increasing heat and radiation vaporize the earth to a molten waste land. Nothing remains of the once bountiful rock that harboured all of civilisation. Eventually nothing remains of Earth and you are pulled into the gravity of the sun. With luck you would be hurled across the universe. In hopes of eventually landing on some planet or moon. Would you be trapped, or would you find salvation?

This article seems very sad and very depressing but the intent is to show that even when you have eternity, your time here on earth is limited. The time you have with loved ones is limited. Life as you know it is limited. Even as an undying being the time here on Earth is few. A couple billion years is a blink of the eye when you will have seen an eternity. Live life to its fullest and don’t leave any road untraveled. Even if you were immortal your time here comes to an end.


2 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Were Immortal?

  1. If I suddenly became immortal my first instinct would be to do exactly what you described. Learn every language possible so that I could travel the world for ever and be able to communicate with ease anywhere I went. But after being more thoughtful about it I realize that I would most likely search to find a way to reverse it so that I could actually die. This would in turn result in me subjecting myself to endless testing by scientists as I imagine I would not be able to find the answer on my own. The thought of outliving everyone and everything that I love is unbareable. Therefore, I would forever be in search for a way to die.

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