Black Hole Universes

Ooooo black holes! My favorite. The things that hold together our galaxy but can also cause complete devastation to our solar system. But what is on the inside?

Already this article is going to be quite short. I was sitting in my car on the way home from work and for some reason I was trying to figure out what the traditional Russian dolls are called.  The dolls that are usually made of wood that fit within each other. These Russian nesting dolls made me think about something. Something so simple the idea of a doll fitting with in another doll.

A question that will last quite some time is what is beyond the event horizon of a black hole? We can postulate with mathematics and theorems that we have come to know well but just an interesting thought that I cannot see being reasonably explained or confirmed would be the existence of other universes contained within the black holes we see in our universe.

Could it be that we are all living in a universe contained within a black hole? A very strange thought. If we were to send a space probe towards a black hole we would see that time for it would slow down. Once it reaches its event horizon (suggesting this space craft could survive spaghettification)  we would perceive the space craft to freeze in time. It wouldn’t move. It would just stop. This is due to the time dilation caused by the immense gravitational well that surrounds black holes. The gravity of earth also causes time dilation but to a much smaller degree.

Could this be due to the history of the space craft in our universe coming to an end and thus starting its history in the universe within the black hole? While this might just seem like a huge mind dump of craziness this had me thinking for a solid fifteen minutes. Leave your thoughts below.


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