Last Thursday-ism

The past is a funny thing to look back on. Memories serve as a way to remember ones life and make us laugh or cry. How do we know if it actually happened?

Time moves on forever it would seem. Astrophysicists say that the universe will expand forever. That is a prospect of the future however what about the past. There is an idea or philosophy of sorts called Last Thursday-ism. The idea being that how do we know that everything in the universe including ourselves, our memories, and what fundamentally makes us, well us, didn’t just pop into existence last Thursday?

While this may sound absurd at first but when you get down to answering it you soon realize that you can’t prove the idea wrong. It is in fact in-falsifiable, unable to be proven wrong. No matter what you use to combat the idea the idea itself comes back and says “Yes but all of those memories you have were fabricated last Thursday along with everything else.”

What could we possibly do to make this idea seem not true. Well unfortunately you can’t. Newton once said, “If something cannot be tested with experimentation then it isn’t worthy of debate.”

Obviously this idea isn’t able to be tested just based off of the fact that it is unable to be proven wrong. Alas we can go for days arguing over something that is simply unable to be proven wrong and waste away but still we can only ponder if we could ever look back or even go back to the days where we were all younger or when loved ones who are now gone are with us again.

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