Another Look At Some Microscopic Animals

Yet another microcosmos adventure. We take a look at a much more bountiful sample then the last one. Plenty more creatures to talk about.

Let us begin. I am not going to give you the run down like I did last time in attempts of making a professional report. This is going to have many more videos than pictures.

The cells within a water plant can be seen circling around inside the plant cells.
This precariously pink cell is stunningly beautiful among its plain appearing counter parts. I believe that the colour change has to do with PH of the cell itself but I am not sure.
A large group of ciliates are busy filtering the water on top of the plant.
The foreground shows the ciliates in the previous video But the plant is what is in focus. We can still see the plant cell’s contents moving around inside.
Alas another stentor. These organism are one of my favourites however not beating the almighty yet smaller rotifer.
A very unusual crustacean looking organism. Not entirely sure what this one is.
A raptorial flagellate hunting with its long flagellum. The end of the flagellum is covered in toxicisits that fire much like the poisonous harpoons on a jellyfish tentacle. Once the pray is stunned the flagellate then consumes the prey.

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