Brown Dwarfs?

There are white dwarfs and red giants and a slew of other amazing stars but what are brown dwarfs?

What is it?

Perhaps a little known and intriguing cosmic body, these little guys are adorable. They are able to burn deuterium and they shine like little pebbles among the giants of the cosmos.

Brown dwarfs are, among other things, a type of sub stellar object. They are smaller than stars yet they have some pretty fantastic properties. This regime of star occupies a mass spectrum from the largest gas giants in our solar system to the smallest stars.

These masses are 13-80 times that of Jupiter’s. These masses and densities that brown dwarfs possess allow them to burn heavy hydrogen or deuterium.

What Do They Look Like?

Brown dwarfs are not very luminous in the visible wavelengths however they would likely appear magenta or orange or red to humans. This being because of the small sliver of radiation that is emitted from the stars dips a little into the visible spectrum at these wave lengths.


While our star has around 4 billion more years to go, brown dwarfs are a little shorter lived. They cool extremely quickly. They are technically already dead. They simply cool more and more until the process which keeps them burning can no longer sustain themselves.

I highly recommend you take a look at brown dwarfs more to see the interesting little marbles in the universe that are a bit bigger than Jupiter yet smaller than most of the stars out in the cosmos.

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