It has become very trendy to attack self-made billionaires.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has a load of money. This money is not all liquid however. Sitting at a net worth of just around 120 billion USD, Jeff Bezos has been rightfully deemed the wealthiest people in the world. His wealth however is vastly misconstrued.

Bezos’ annual salary is $81,843. Good on him. It makes no reasonable sense to berate him for his self accomplished wealth. Greed, jealousy, and contempt makes people curse him and his wealth.

Net worth is not a measure of how much money someone actually has. Net worth takes into account the person’s overall wealth. Meaning every single asset that the person has. Stocks, facilities, equipment etc. are all taken into consideration when calculating someone’s net worth.

Bezos doesn’t have access to that money directly. It isn’t floating around in his gold encrusted bank account ready to buy a new lambo fresh from Italy.

According to Business Insider Jeff’s salary is less than that which most company heads take home. Again it is misleading to equate this man’s wealth when so much of it is in his businesses. Not only does he have Amazon under his belt but he also has a space transportation company Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos has also kept the same salary for that past couple years even though his business is booming. It is unfortunate that people wish to make up false statements and say horrible things such as the workers are treated horribly. Just because someone has made the American dream and made it big.

People who own the business should of course be the ones to get a significant amount of money out of it. They should be able to use that however they like. It’s their right. They took the inherent risk, the biggest risk, of starting a business and trying to make it worth something. To me it is just a matter of playground jealousy.

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