The Denial of Science and its Delusion

What immediately comes to mind when we think of science deniers are the flat earthers. There ‘movement’ has been going on for a couple years now and has not seen any advancements. But why do they insist on such a ridiculous notion?

I have addressed flat earthers in the past with an article entitled ‘Why the Earth Cannot Be Flat’. The Flat Earth Society which has its own website dedicated to its cause, has some mind blowing information ready at hand.

Their drive and persistence to a notion that was disproven thousands of years ago is almost comical. One such post they have is about the lunar eclipse in September of 2016. In the article they “dispel” a number of globularist claims. In the article they address another article which “was posted on popsci that claimed to debunk the flat earth.” As if it was a very hard task to undertake.

They follow then by quoting things from other flat earther works like One Hundred Proofs That The Earth Is Not A Globe. They seem to only site works that are from other flat earthers. Interesting. Confusing? Not really. It is far easier to bring other deranged science deniers viewpoints into your arguments albeit still as easy to address and dissect. It still doesn’t stop them.

My fascination is not in what they believe for that is common talk at this point. My fascination lies in the deeply seated belief that the earth is flat and every account of modern science which has been developed over the course of centuries is wrong. Newtonian physics are wrong after all and Einstein too was wrong.

Flat Earth Map
A map of the globe as depicted on

Their first go to notions are “I have never seen the curvature.” To which a good response would be, “Oh, have you seen the giant ice wall that surrounds the flat earth?”

Why the regression back to the earliest days of human science? In my earnest opinion I applaud them but at the same time I can’t help but to bruise my forehead with a dramatic face palm. Human kind’s earliest notion of the earth being round was in the 5th century BC. It was mentioned by ancient greek philosophers without any modern technology.

Yet here a small portion of us humans have said that it is false. That for some reason science and scientists is not to expand our knowledge about the universe but instead it is to keep the most ridiculous secret of them all. That the earth is flat. What point is there in keeping this secret? What logical reason would there be? If you ask a flat earther it would be because they are sent here by the lizard people to keep us under control.

Flat earthers tend to believe in far crazier things as well. Such as lizard people. Because they need other absurd things to justify their initial absurdities.

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