Term limits, no pensions and equality for the masses.

More and more we are seeing people speak out against the unfair system that is Congress. The seemingly limitless terms these men and women are able to serve with an absolute ridiculous amount of compensation both during and after their terms. We are going to break down what kind of benefits congressmen and congresswomen get and compare it to what it used to be.

Financial Compensation

Senate Leadership, Majority Party leader receives a salary of $193,400. The minority party leader makes the same amount. Speaker of the House makes $223,500 annualy.

All of the other people in Congress receive $174,000 per year.

The last pay vote came in 2009 and since then Congress has voted to reject the pay raise. Which is good. It would seem that they too realize their contributions have not been worth a pay raise.

Resolving Issues to See More Productivity

With a more than generous pay check and a pension that will last for the rest of their lives, they have no worries to think about when the time comes to retire.

Don Young from Alaska has served over 47 years in the House of Representatives. In that time at the BASE pay of a member of congress he has accumulated over 8 million dollars throughout his time. With the national average salary being $56,516, it would take the average American 141 years to accumulate that much money when disregarding other expenditures that would come out of that check.

There are virtually unlimited terms. The congressperson would have to not be reelected and that seems fairly difficult.

Hard set Term limits should be put in place. Coupled with these term limits, the significant decrease in pay perhaps to the national average salary would suffice. After their term is up they do not get further pensions, instead they must join the work force if they wish to receive a paycheck. Now they will have to experience the country that they changed or failed to change after their terms.

As it stands now there is NOTHING to motivate them to change the country for the better. We have a collection of geriatrics arguing in large rooms about what someone said instead of being productive members of our society. Their interests are no longer in the bettering of American Society. Instead it is fueled only by the desire to make the other person look bad.

With hard term limits and lower salaries they would have all the motivation in the world to care about the lower classes of America. Because after their 8-10 year stint they too would be in the lower classes.


We are seeing more and more young Americans realizing that there needs to be change. Lower salaries and hard set term limits with little to no compensation after the fact, would be the ultimate motivation for these men and women in the higher ranks of our government to change America for the better. Its just a matter of when and if that will ever happen.

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