Congresses Failure and the Peoples Failure (Opinion)

From repeatedly electing these officials, to congress being blatantly uninterested in helping the people of the United States.

The second impeachment attempt of Donald Trump is ineffective. Failing to secure the necessary votes to solidify the conviction. No wonder. Joe Biden has been running rampant with executive orders which have only undone the previous condition of the United States. Being energy independent, economy plans to only destroy the economy even further after covid. Vows to wage a war on Covid without any stated plan of action. All the while the impeachment seems to have been only an attempt to stop Trump from running a second time. It is feared that once the people are awakened to the devastation that Biden’s policies and actions will have on the United States in the coming four years, it will only solidify Trumps second term if he were to run again.

The problem is not with any one president. It is with Congress. Ted Cruz has proposed congressional term limits. This hasn’t been the first time. In 1994 congress was proposed with a bill that would limit the terms of Congressmen and women. Of course without fail the bill was denied. Nancy Pelosi was there when the vote was called. Incredible. I only mention that to show the sheer amount of time these politicians have been in office. Too long. With little to show for it.

I believe that if this bill were to fail and not be passed (for a second time) it would cause unrest with the public, assuming they don’t use another ploy to try and keep it quiet. Congress has little to no obligation or conviction in making life better for the middle and lower classes. Why did Trump improve things? Because he did what he said he was going to do. After every executive order Biden has signed not a single one seemed to be directed at helping the American People. After all Biden did say that help was on the way. No proposed stimulus check. Nothing.

People are waking up, and seeing that it is very rare for politicians to do what they say they were going to do. They are seeing how skewed and uncaring Congress really is. Congress must have limitations. That is where the fault of the people come. The apparent reelections of these people who have done nothing for the people. Though they say they would. For decades.

When will it end? When will congress be reminded that they serve the people of the United States and not the other way around. That the reason they wish to remove the second amendment is because they fear that one day the people will have had enough and use it for what it was laid in place to do. Protect the people from tyranny.

There is hypocrisy on both sides. It doesn’t matter if a person is democratic or republican. The policies matter. That is all. The things that will directly affect the lives of all people in the United States. But people are so twisted and combed into believing what every headline says. What every bits and pieces they are fed instead of looking at the POLICIES and not the person. American Democracy died long ago and in its place American Propaganda from both parties. He said this, well she said that.

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