Debatespot has a Patreon!

With a deep desire to make writing and producing videos and the podcast a full time hobby I have decided to make a Patreon.

From deciding exactly what I wanted the benefits of the tiers to being worried I wouldn’t be able to output the qauntity and quality of videos and extra content, I have ultimately chosen to open a Patreon page where readers, listeners and viewers can come together and support the website and the podcast. The podcast has been a blast and with the new additions of the photography page and horology page I am feeling more inspired than ever.

There are issues however. With the podcast and the website being hobbies it is difficult to fit in my normal full time job of being in the military where hours and weekends aren’t always guaranteed and managing being a father and husband (both of which I am very interested in keeping my efforts up) I can’t help but stress that I might not be able to output things regularly enough to where I can satisfy the audience I hope to one day acquire. With any luck those who do become Patrons will understand this.

Patreon also puts into place some tools that I can use so as to not charge people if I am aware that I will not be available for a good part of the month. Since I want to keep the output of content up there will be episodes of the podcast where it might just be me. Which as some of the earliest listeners for the podcast can attest is a interesting endeavor where if one were to play a drinking game whereby they would have a shot every time I said the word “uhm” they’d be under the floor fifteen minutes in.

Yet I have to try. And that is ultimately the reason why the prices for the tiers are so low. The minimum being $3 where you are just a general supporter. The following tiers at $8 and $13 have their benefits which will be listed below.

Patreon Tiers

  • Quantum Support $3
  • Quantum Plus $8
  • Quantum Royalty $13

Quantum Support – General support that provides the podcast and website with a minute stream of funds to sustain itself. Patreon does give me around $0.25 of that.

Quantum Plus – Gets early access to episodes, bonus episodes, as well as fan requests.

Quantum Royalty – Early access to episodes, bonus episodes, fan requests as well as patreon shout-outs.

I may add some future benefits to the Royalty such as Patron events where people will have a segment on the podcast.

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