Virtue Signalling Companies Surprisingly Had No Effect on Russia’s Attack On Ukraine

The biggest surprise coming out of 2022 has to be the lack of results coming out of companies boycotting Russian business.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Visa Inc., and Mastercard Inc. have made great strides in the effort of thwarting Russia’s ability in attacking Ukraine. Oh, wait they didn’t. It is not surprising that these companies are pulling a card out of the July deck and signaling that they agree with the world. Russia is bad. Bad Russia. And what better way to get back at them than by exiting the Russian markets? Some might say actually fighting in Ukraine. But that would be uncharacteristically reasonable.

Instead, all these companies have managed to do is make life even harder for the Russian people. Which have been seen getting quite upset at their government’s decision. At least that is what seems to be the case across the interwebs. The high morality company of Pornhub even stopped their ‘services’.

These company-led sanctions are almost equivalent to the local Becky putting on her social media, “Standin with Ukraine. The only difference being they are targeting Russian Citizens rather than the Russian Government.

The Russian Government is obviously to blame for these events in Ukraine. It is quite typical of these companies making large public spectacles of showing they’re with the times and the people. Immoral and despicable marketing at its worst.

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