Home School Your Kids!

This article is a long time coming. Public schools are nothing but a breeding ground of racism and terrible political narratives.

The Clover Park School district in Washington state has just recently passed a policy encouraging “Cultural discipline”. Yes, you read correctly. “Cultural Discipline”. What does that necessarily mean? Well, if that doesn’t already put your stomach in a loathsome knot, I am interested to see what will.

Apparently, this is appropriate in the state law passed in 2021 making school districts across the state “identify or develop and periodically update governance training programs that align with Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards for school director governance.” Essentially translates to, “Hey, every now and again make sure we all bring race into the schoolhouse and change policies to make things for “fair”.”

“Essentially, they are referring there that you look at are you dispersing discipline across the ethnicities, the racial groups, equitably. So, are you disciplining African-American boys more than you’re disciplining white boys?”

Deputy Superintendent Brian Laubach

This is all the more reason for people to be more on board with Florida’s Parents Rights in Education Act which didn’t even mention the word “gay” anywhere in it but it was immediately spun to the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”. Asinine and untruthful.

The major issue with this is not only that race is apparently a large factor in dealing with adolescents being little tw*ts in the schoolhouse, but the use of the word equitable. There is a difference between equity and equality. Equality is the same opportunities and punishments for everyone. While equity means regardless of how you got there, this will be the outcome. So by virtue of one classmate doing something wrong. You now will be facing the same or worse punishment for a lesser offense.

Homeschool thy children.

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