Child Indoctrination

It goes without saying, if anyone has been paying attention to the news or social media, children are being used without guilt or remorse to push agendas and indoctrinate them into worrying or thinking they care about things that no child before 2018 did. Heck maybe even later.

Where it is

It is everywhere. It isn’t like its being hidden either. From drag shows in middle schools to “parents” bringing their toddlers to drag shows in bars or strip clubs it is never ending.

Like the above pictured “family friendly” drag show. Drag shows are inherently sexual by nature. Don’t believe me?

What about this? Notice how sometimes it asks you if you want to view it because it contains “potentially sensitive” content? Maybe now? Not convinced yet I see.

Well according to this post children belong at drag shows. Children deserve to see “fun & expression & freedom.” Um. No. This is fun, expression, and freedom that is very well to be reserved for adults. Notice in the last one the figure has exposed breasts, whether they be fake or not, with stickers covering the nipples. Children should not be around these things. Things I mean drag shows by the way.

As discussed in a previous article, the children who were in camp and were made to march the streets chanting about Roe vs. Wade. Something they have no idea what that means nor do they need to know. Children do not need to know what abortions are. Much like how they don’t need to know what sex is. Or what sexuality their teachers are.

“Oh well its not indoctrination by just having them there.” Wrong. Why shouldn’t kids be subjected to ads for cigarettes? Because they are more likely to adopt those habits much to the cigarette companies delight. Future customers after all. The truth of the matter is that exposing kids to any content will cause them to emulate behaviors. Next thing you know you will have children laying down on tables at recess spreading their legs.

You have noticed by now that all of these posts are from Libs of TikTok on Twitter who is doing phenomenal work at revealing all of these disgusting and grotesque actions (personally these are only disgusting and grotesque when children are involved don’t care what consenting adults do in a non children area.)

However you know there isn’t any call to violence towards libs of tiktok, You know the thing that is illegal?

I am sure this account gets its fair share if not more of death threats. But why such a dramatic defense? Because ultimately no matter how hard they try and convince you. They also think its wrong. At least a bit to them. But it draws to the questions of why?

The Motives?

Well it is very difficult to establish what is going through their heads. I postulate that the group at large is part of some bigger plot. What is the one major concern almost all year round. I hope I get reelected. Simply put the left knows that they are in a spot of bother when it comes to the mid term elections. They failed economically, they failed with foreign policy, they let a war break out on their watch. Doesn’t look good. So they have to hold on to the thing that they believe everyone cares about. Roe vs Wade.

However this child indoctrination stuff. It is to teach a whole new generation to be on the left. For who is the most consistent democratic voting base? LGBTQ. They can’t win elections with the numbers they have now. Percentages of the population. So they have to train the next generation to vote democrat.

No of course there isn’t anything to prove that. But my god does it make sense. If it were completely up to me, the parents would be held accountable for child abuse. They are if children are exposed to any other sexually explicit content. Were those children able to consent? No because they are minors after all. But with this explicit display it is somehow different. You don’t see the left side of politics saying anything about this. Haven’t found so much of a mention of what is going on.

With any luck these parents will be investigated and there will be some legislative actions taken to get rid of this child abuse. DRAG SHOWS ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!

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