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What is Debate Spot?

Debate Spot is a site developed to connect people with differing opinions on worldwide topics. It is meant to provide people with the opposite side of an argument, and a place for people to share their opinions with people who think differently. Debate Spot is a neutral site, taking no side on any of the posted topics at any time. Anybody who decides to use this site is free to express their personal opinions on any of the listed topics.

About Debate Spot

A list of topics will be found on the topic selector page. These topics will be updated every week. Any topics found here can be issues worldwide, or focused on a single country, or community. Anybody who wishes to debate somebody with a different opinion on one of these topics are able to start a debate on that topic. They choose if they are for, or against any given topic, and they are matched with somebody who selected the opposite. A standard debate will last for five minutes. After the debate is over, any spectators may vote for who they believe won the debate. If there are no spectators, the debaters may either print the debate, or exit

A Staff Message

The Debate Spot Staff would like to thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy debating our list of topics, and we hope that you will return to do so in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please navigate to our Contact Us page, or email If you have any business or legal inquiries, please email