Debatespot Convos Podcast Ep 2

Enjoy the latest podcast from Debatespot! Here we are joined by James, Gavin and Zack with whom we will run the gauntlet of topics. Thank you! Pardon the burping.

A Window Into the Past

Time is a very interesting phenomenon. The use of the word phenomenon accurately fits with how we experience time . The word is defined as “a fact or occurrence which can be observed or observable. ” We all experience time differently. The difference most of the time is very³ small but time is still relative. The idea of time travel has persisted for hundreds of years. In science fiction and philosophical works the ability to travel through time whether that be the future or the past has been a captivating idea for a very long time.

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What Is Time?

Time is a concept which to most is commonly associated with a clock. A relatively simple device which allows us to get an idea of how long things take or when something should happen. We use our concept of time everyday. I use the word concept as a mention to the common understanding and usual encounter with time. With that we have some amazing windows into the past which we often don’t think about. Continue reading