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New to Debate Spot? Need help getting started? Follow along with these instructions to get started. First, locate the Login slider. Click the highlighted words “Log In | Register”. The slider should look like this.

A drop down menu will appear titled “Login”. There should be three header buttons above the title that are labeled “Login”, “Create Account”, and “Forgot password?”. Select the “Create Account” button, and the register menu will appear. Please input the required information to create your account. The register menu should look like this

After you have created your account, you are ready to start your first debate! Click the home button in the top left corner of your screen to return to the landing page. Locate the “View Current Topics” button in the center of the screen. The button should look like this

Select the topic you wish to debate, and then select your position. A chat should open, either with an opponent already there, or a waiting screen, to wait for an opponent. Happy debating!