What Would You Do If You Were Immortal?

Eternity. Something that is hard to imagine. The question is simple. What would you do if you were to become immortal? However you are at this very moment, you would remain for the rest of time.

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The Roomy Universe

Perplexing and mind boggling, the universe has provided man kind with countless questions for millennia. In the early days of human kind the philosophical and intangible questions permeated the minds of early thinkers. Similarly mankind still questions the intangible by pondering atoms and their infinitesimal sizes. Now the modern day focus is on how the universe works. Continue reading

A Window Into the Past

Time is a very interesting phenomenon. The use of the word phenomenon accurately fits with how we experience time . The word is defined as “a fact or occurrence which can be observed or observable. ” We all experience time differently. The difference most of the time is very¬≥ small but time is still relative. The idea of time travel has persisted for hundreds of years. In science fiction and philosophical works the ability to travel through time whether that be the future or the past has been a captivating idea for a very long time.

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